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Martha B.

“Words cannot express my deepest gratitude and warmest thanks to you
for successfully negotiating the sell of my house in Gaithersburg. Based
on a referral, I sought your professional advice in selling a house
that was probably a few months from foreclosure.

Before you signed me on as a client, you listen to my story of
betrayal; presented me with a detail analysis of recent and pending
sales of homes in the neighborhood; and addressed all my questions and
concerns. You took me on as a client when many would have look at the
dire situation, and walked away, but not you. Time and time again the
buyers wanted to include another addendum, you researched all the
disadvantages; determined the effect on the selling price, and then
addressed the situation most appropriately. Most of all, you would say,
“don’t worry Ms. B, everything will be all right” In less than 30 day,
you saved me from possible financial ruins. Your devotion and hard work
is a proven asset to what I know will be long and rewarding career. I
stepped out on “faith”, and I’m truly blessed that an “Angel” came to my
rescue. You are a young man with talent and a business mind far beyond
your age. I believe you will do well in your profession, as you will do
in life.

I look forward to working with you again to procuring my next house.”

amber H.

“After careful research, I chose Kevin because of his record and his
positive attitude. Kevin came prepared for all of our appointments and
adhered to the parameters I gave him about what I was looking for.
During the search process, we submitted contracts and bid on several
homes. Kevin was knowledgeable about the paperwork necessary to complete
the process, and followed-up in a timely manner with the sellers’
agents. We ran into many problem sellers during my search, and as a
first time home-buyer, I could have been overwhelmed by these
complications. However, Kevin encouraged me to be patient and continue
my search until I found the right property and reasonable sellers. Kevin
diligently worked on my behalf to ensure that I received everything I
needed and at the best price.”

“I would definitely use Kevin again in the future. His proficiency
and attitude were major assets to me during my roller coaster home
buying process. If you are looking for an agent who will go the extra
mile to get you what you want, Kevin would be an excellent choice.”

Valery M.

“Kevin helped me find exactly what I wanted and what I was looking
for in one night! I am not kidding. I had been searching for 6 weeks
prior to meeting him. His persistence and dedication enabled me to buy
the home that I had been searching long and hard for. The next morning
the house had numerous visits and contracts. I would HIGHLY recommend
Kevin Toston. Not only is he a professional; he is skilled, dedicated,
funny, personable and really down to earth. Even my toddler son likes
him and that's an accomplishment in itself!”

Donovan G.

“You happily endured many a late night, and remained positive,
focused and motivated even when I became frustrated and disappointed.
Your professionalism, amiable nature, and knowledge in the field were
superb and hard to come by (I should know, I went thru 5 realtors before
I met you!) In addition you went the extra mile to find out answers to
questions, if you were unsure.”

Kimberly R.

“I just wanted to take the time out to sing the praises of Realtor
Extraordinaire and new- found friend, Kevin Toston. Mr. Toston’s
approach to realty is refreshing. He is honest and diligent when it
comes to helping his clients find a home. I must admit that I am not the
easiest person to help find a home, but Mr. Toston hung in there with
me and took the time to teach me things that made me a better consumer.
In fact, I am almost certain that I could probably take an entry- level
realtors exam and pass with flying colors thanks to his “crash course”
in buying a home.

Mr. Toston also understands the mortgage side of the business. He was
able to tell me things the mortgage company I was dealing with
neglected or did not know to tell me. I could have made several costly
mistakes but I am glad I had Kevin on my side. Little things mean so
much, for instance, the only time I had to look for a home was after
work and I would always be hungry, Kevin took notice of this and always
had snacks to offer. HOW THOUGHTFUL!!!!

There are so many stories I could go into that would clearly display
the thoughtfulness and integrity of this man, but I wanted to write a
letter and not a novel. I do want to say that it was because of him I
received $2,000 at closing because he represented me so well and fought
for my rights as a buyer.

I go out of my way to tell my friends, colleagues and family about
Kevin. As long as he will have me as I client, I will be buying and
selling property with this dynamo by my side, besides who else will my
husband have “who is better, Redskins or Raiders” arguments with? Keep
buying those Twizzlers, Kevin we will be doing this again.”

Stacy W.

"Thank you sincerely for your diligent and meticulous efforts in representing me in the purchase of my first home. Thank you for your sincerity and conscientiousness when walking me through and teaching me the "ropes." Your above-and-beyond attitude and your patience are greatly appreciated. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again. You've raised niceness to a whole new level!"

Marcus M.

"Kevin walked my wife and I through the entire process. He was
patient, attentive and understanding of our needs. He was always willing
to listen and took the time to explain those things which we did not
understand. Quite a bit a frustration was alleviated because of how
Kevin treated us and made our transaction go smoothly."

Nancy C.

"I just wanted to thank you for all your hard, hard work. Boy, didn't
we have a time with this settlement? And, you were just wonderful, I
can't compliment you enough. Without your help we would have never
gotten this thing closed. You were a real trooper, Kevin. I thank you
again and hope to talk to you soon..."

Melanie G.

"I thank you for your help and the time you took to take my children
and me around the area, rain (snow) or shine... Your expertise and
professionalism were and still are very impressive and please be sure
that I will refer anyone I know to you because I know that they will be
very well taken care of. I also know that with your help they will find
exactly what they want for the money they can spend. Another thing I
don't want to leave unmentioned is that even after the deal was closed
on the house you were and still are always available to help with any
matters that may come up. I really appreciate that!"

Robin M.

"Kevin's professionalism, work ethic, and desire to be of service
make him our choice for all of our real estate needs both now and in the
future. To God be the glory and, Kevin, you're one in a million! You
were always willing to go above and beyond to get the job done. Thanks!"

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